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The Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme is the football club’s charitable arm, established to support the development of cohesive communities around South Yorkshire and to seek to increase engagement, training provision and support amongst its residents working across four key themes; Participation, NCS, Health and Education.

We endeavour to encourage confidence, active lifestyle and participation of sport regardless of gender, ethnicity and disability. The community programme within the club carryout PPA and after school delivery in over 40 Schools within the City of Sheffield and surrounding areas.

All the programmes that are delivered will involve football and multi sports with the main objective of fun and learning being at the forefront of all the activities.


SWFCCP has a wide variety of events happening every day all across Sheffield & South Yorkshire. Our work is delivered in programmes that focus on our 4 core areas.

If you are looking for football, multisport or holiday courses, we deliver a comprehensive Football and Sports Development programme throughout Sheffield for thousands of young people each year. From toddler soccer to a professional pathways, the programme caters for a range of players of different ages, gender and ability.


Honours for Recent SWFC Candidates

Two members of the Community Team at SWFC have recently completed BSc (Hons) Degrees in Football Coaching, Development and Administration. Read more about their journey, below, and find out more on how you can [...]

Onwards with the Owls

‘Onwards with the Owls!’ targets individuals aged 25 years or older, the programme will commence with an Introductory Coffee Morning on Friday 24th May at 11am. This programme will run for 13 consecutive weeks and [...]

Mental Health Awareness Evening

Sheffield Wednesdays NCS Youth board are hosting a mental health awareness evening in the aim of campaigning for mental health to be part of the school curriculum. This is something our youth board are passionate [...]


The Sheffield Wednesday Community Foundation works with a number of key partners throughout Sheffield and across the UK. All these partners play a vital role in allowing us to provide the outstanding courses & opportunities for our participants.


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