Sheffield Wednesday are proud to reaffirm our commitment to helping all members of our community by teaming up with HMP Hatfield and engaging with the Twinning Project.

The Twinning Project is a scheme that seeks to engage approximately 100 prisoners per year in each of the 114 prisons in England and Wales in football-based programmes to improve their mental and physical health, well-being and obtain a qualification that will help improve their life chances and gain employment on release. 

The aims of the project are to build a strong connection between Sheffield Wednesday and HMP Hatfield to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services (including the power of football) that can, in turn, offer routes towards employment upon release, reducing the chance of re-offending and improving lives. 

The Twinning Project is based on three understandings:

  • Statistically, offending peaks at 24 years of age and drops off after 40.
  • Those in stable domestic and social relationships are less likely to re-offend.
  • Employment and opportunity are the primary drivers of purpose and value. This has a massive impact on their propensity to re-offend.

The project is not only supported by Sheffield Wednesday and a number of clubs up and down the UK, but football’s governing bodies, including the FA, EFL, and the Premier League, and academic partners such as the University of Oxford and Loughborough University.

Sheffield Wednesday welcomes the opportunity to help provide for the local community through our Community Programme (SWFCCP) and offer courses for people to get involved in from football development to traineeships. 

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