On Monday 15th November, SWFCCP held an Odd Socks Day football session for our Under-23 and academy teams, as part of the Anti-Bullying Week campaign.

Anti-Bullying Week is dedicated to educating young people on the impact of bullying, with Odd Socks Day kicking off the 5-day movement.

Designed to be a fun and unique way to stand up to bulling, Odd Socks Day is an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

During our SWFCCP football session, all our players wore an odd pair of pink and black socks, a symbolic gesture to highlight our stand in the fight against bullying.

Alongside the Monday kickabout, throughout the week of the 15th to 19th November, our teachers also held Anti-Bullying tutorials, to help educate our young owls and bring everyone together.


Greg Hunter, SWFCCP sports tutor said: “During the sessions, we gave them situations around bullying to see what they would do, as well as getting them to identify their own ideal college. This is because we think its key to promote anti-bullying and kindness to all of our students.”

Last year over 5 million children around the UK got involved with the Anti-Bullying Week, Odd Socks campaign, with celebrities like Sir Mo Farah, Ant and Dec and Craig David swapping out their usual socks for the day.

Sheffield Wednesday are proud to be involved in this campaign as we do not tolerate any form of bullying and aim to improve our community by teaching about anti-bullying measures.