Owls Together is part of the Tackling Inequalities fund and aims to engage both male and female refugees in Sheffield who are 18+. We will work closely with Refugee Council Sheffield, who will refer people into our 12-month programme where we aim to increase physical activity, promote healthy eating, increase social networks and improve people’s grasp of the English language through informal learning.

Across the year we will deliver weekly two hour-long football and fitness sessions based at SWFC Training Ground. We will target 60 people (30 Male & 30 female) who will be referred into the programme. We will implement a gender-sensitive approach by splitting sessions for male and female participants. By utilising the SWFC brand and facilities, we will attract people to attend sessions that aim to increase participation in physical activity, reduce social isolation and increase people’s feeling of belonging within the city.

Coupled with this, our SWFC education tutor will deliver informal conversational English workshops based at Hillsborough Stadium, using themes such as football, physical activity and health and nutrition. From this, we aim to improve participants grasp of the English language through speaking, reading and writing. We will also pass on positive messages around sustaining activity and understanding nutrition. Language programmes which are tailored to the diverse needs of refugees are most effective. This includes informal learning opportunities for those with limited educational background and fast track programmes for those with higher level skills.

For more information please contact Ben Winter on [email protected]