On Saturday 7 December 2019, SWFC hosted Brentford in the Championship. What was extra special about this fixture, was that it was Sheffield Wednesdays ‘Kick It Out’ fixture, where the club as a whole came together to support ‘Kick It Out’ to help raise awareness for tackling racism and discrimination not only within football, but community and worldwide.

As part of the day, the Sheffield Wednesday Community Kicks team invited Brentford’s Community Trust Kicks team up, to take part in some footballing activities, before attending the SWFC v Brentford match. The Sheffield Wednesday Kicks team also invited young people from different communities within Sheffield to take part in the day, and to help support ‘Kick It Out’ and to help raise awareness of tackling racism and discrimination in today’s era.

Paul Hebda, The Kicks Coordinator from SWFCCP said: “It’s great to get the young people we work with directly involved in these types of activities and days, as it helps them to understand the goal we are ultimately trying to achieve, which is creating safer, healthier and more inclusive communities for young people. “They will then help spread the awareness to their friends and peers, and hopefully if they are to hear racist or discriminative comments, they will help to challenge these and say that it is wrong.”

Ben Winter, Health and Inclusion Manager for SWFCCP said: “It’s great to see young people come together from different areas across the country taking part in activities, using football to break down barriers. “Using Sheffield Wednesday as a vehicle to raise aspiration and give young people the opportunity to take part in these activities and to have the experience of attending and taking part in the match day, by holding the flag on the pitch and pitch side, which is an opportunity and memory they will never forget.”