Inclusive Owls is funded by Sport England small grant scheme. The aim of the project is to provide free inclusive football for young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) aged between 14 to 19.

The sessions will be based in Parsons Cross – 14-16 years old, Hillsborough 16-19 years old and Shiregreen 14-16 years old. The intention will be to tackle inactivity and educate young people on hate crime through interactive workshops. We will deliver weekly football sessions based at venues within the communities.

We recognise the need for targeted SEND sessions for young people, based on their complex needs. The young people we aim to engage, require a more controlled environment with other young people with similar needs. The young people attending the session, will feel more comfortable to initially attend, which then gives us the foundation to empower them to feel confident enough to attend other evening provision such as PL Kicks.

For more information please contact Ben Winter on [email protected]