SWFCCP and youth restorative justice charity, Remedi, teamed up in October to deliver a hate crime workshop to our young owls.

The session involved getting young people aged 15-17 together, to educate them about what hate crime is, who it affects and how to report it.

Videos about real victims were shown to the young owls, explaining their stories, to highlight the devastating impact hate crime can cause.

One attendee, Joshua Snape, said: “I didn’t even know what hate crime was before. I now see the effect it can have on people and not just the person being targeted, but their family, friends, and their community.”

Remedi’s workshop clearly benefited the group, with many attendees having their eyes opened to the extent of bullying.

Taylor Fairhurst commented: “I didn’t realise certain groups of people get targeted for something simple like their choice of clothes.

“There was a story that we were shown about a girl that liked to wear dark clothes and makeup, and she was beaten up quite badly and ended up in hospital. It seemed quite unfair and made me think about times where I have made a comment about someone’s clothes and the effects it might have had.”

Ben Winter, SWFCCP’s Operations Manager, said: “We are proud of our partnership with Remedi and we will continue to make a commitment to delivering anti-hate crime work through the community programme.

“Our focus is to help eradicate hate crime from society by using the brand of SWFC to educate people in our community and striving for equality.”

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