On the 5th November 2021, SWFCCP Premier League Kicks held a session at Parkwood Academy with an aim to educate young people on fireworks and dark night safety in the winter months.

The session consisted of a football tournament for each age group, 7-12 year olds and 13-17 year olds, with them all being introduced to South Yorkshire Police Officers and CSO’s who work in the area.

The police first presented the dangers around fireworks and the harm they can do if not used correctly. They also discussed the safety around dark nights during the winter months as our days become shorter and the nights begin earlier.

One young person said: ‘’Police used to scare me before because when you see them on TV, they are always chasing and arresting people, but when speaking to them today, I realised that they are just normal people and their job is to protect us.”

Overall, the session was very successful, the SWFCCP staff managed to reach out to over 40 young people in the area and bring them together on bonfire night. The young people benefited significantly from the South Yorkshire Police coming to the session, as this broke down barriers of the stereotyping and the presumption that young people have on the police.

One of the Police officers mentioned: ‘’Doing this kind of work in the community helps us so much as we can prevent dangers before they arise by making young people aware, and being able to do it through football is a bonus”.

 It was also reported that there were significantly less anti-social behaviour reports on the night than normal, and we hope by putting events on like this, had and have a positive affect on the community as a whole.