Sam Morley is one of the Community Programmes achievers who went through the education programme. After completing his Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport this year, Sam has since commenced with his position as Community Coach, at Sheffield Wednesday.

But let’s go back to the beginning…

Sam studied for his GCSEs at Sheffield Springs Academy. Separately from school, Sam completed his FA Level 1 Football Coaching badge, putting him at an excellent advantage ahead of his studies at SWFC – of which there was an immediate attraction.

“It was a decision myself and my friends knew the moment we left school. I was one of many who wanted to study at SWFC partly because of the courses’ extensive range of topics, but based on their advertisement on UCAS, there also seemed to be a good balance between knuckling down and having your own independent leisure time.”

Sam was determined to expand his coaching skills so externally volunteered to coach at All Saints School in Sheffield. Here, he learnt new techniques and drills from more experienced coaches which Sam could then place within his future sessions. For Sam, his two years were jam-packed with both achievements and difficulties.

“Initially, the transformation from school to college was challenging to come to grips with. Despite struggling with the first couple of assignments, I knew that if I persevered, it would get easier. It was so important to always be in communication with your tutors because more often than not, they were willing to help you.”

Sheffield Wednesday provided Sam with a vision that after completing his BTEC course, followed by the Foundation Degree in Community Football Coaching and Development, he would have the qualifications that he needed to pursue his dream.

He added: “My ambition is to coach in America. My older cousin, who is currently a coach out there thrives about his experiences, where he also had the opportunity to visit places in Africa, to teach schools football. I would like to think that my coaching at the Community Programme will be deemed valuable enough, when putting forward my application to America.”

Sam will be applying for the Degree course that takes place at the University of Wales, in January. Looking back on his experiences at our Education Hub, Sam gave some advice and recommendations to students who are entering that phase.

“When the course begins, try to get on top of your work as best as you can. After the first few assignments, the rest will fly by and you start to develop a routine.

“When people think about the course at Sheffield Wednesday, they assume it’s just football. But in reality, the course caters for people who have a range of interests and ability – I knew people who didn’t particularly like football but made the most of other opportunities.”

We wish Sam the best of luck with his career.