Sheffield Wednesday’s Community Programme offers an array of traineeships for 16-18 year-olds that provide opportunities for individuals to gain skills and confidence to help move them into future employment.

As part of the programme, trainees gain a minimum of 100 hours work experience on a placement with a range of professional employers around Sheffield, including catering, retail and manufacturing.

The Community Programme is now taking applications for new trainees to start in September, with the hopes to help guide young people into employment. Our employability programmes have seen 13 young people move into employment in the past year alone!

One trainee that found success through his traineeship was Ben Pollard, who has secured employment as a part of the groundskeeping team for Sheffield Wednesday.

Ben completed his work experience with an NHS Estates and Facilities team, helping local hospitals with repairs to ensure everything ran smoothly. His success in his role provided him with the skills to get his job here at Sheffield Wednesday!

Ben said: “The programme helped me gain a lot of confidence in myself and having interviews, and allowed me to build myself up and put myself out there”

“Apply for a traineeship if you see one, no matter where you are with your confidence, they will support you. It’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Download our brochure here to view our current available traineeships!

For more information, please email: [email protected] or call 07392195466.