Apprenticeship Levy 2017

The apprenticeship levy came into effect in April 2017 and is paid through the PAYE system. Employers with annual wages of £3million will be obliged to pay the apprenticeship levy at a rate of 0.5%. Employers received £15,000 allowance which is offset against their levy payment.

What does this mean for businesses?

The apprenticeship levy creates more opportunities for employers and young apprentices, with more apprentices undergoing training, England’s workforce is going to become more skilled in the years leading up to 2020.

Whether you have a small or large business apprenticeships are likely to be a part of your company’s future, so why not kick start your apprenticeships at SWFC.

Benefits for your business

– Supports productivity through upskilling current and future talent.
– Increased staff motivation and team working as a result of engaging training sessions and learning material.
– Reduces staff turnover as employees feel valued.
– Increases employee satisfaction.
– Reduces recruitment costs.
– Utilises the Apprenticeship levy or enables you to tap into co-investment monies from government.
– Allows you to mould a highly skilled workforce with the right behaviors and attitude.

Sheffield Wednesday FC can help businesses with

– The Account & Levy Management
– Delivery of the training
– Recruiting and on boarding
– Learner Management

How it works

Apprentices must spend at least 20% of their time on off-the-job training. We will work together with you to decide how this is delivered.

It must be directly linked to the relevant apprenticeship course (Standard or framework) and can be delivered at the apprentice’s normal place of work, as long as it’s not part of their normal working duties.

On the job training helps an apprentice develop the specific skills for the workplace. Once an apprentice completes their apprenticeship, they should be able to demonstrate that they can perform tasks confidently and completely to the standard set by the industry.