Sheffield Wednesday FC has launched a new Adult Mental Well-Being Programme, to help support adults struggling with poor mental health after Covid lockdowns.

The free 12-week programme available to all adults in Sheffield, started on January 31st and aims to bring members of the local community together.

A variety of activities are run each week, including walking football sessions, a multi-sports session, and a health walk.

The events aim to help improve participants mental and physical health, alongside gaining advice on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle, thanks to the support of SWFCCP health coaches.

One health walk attendee, Jeff Boyd, said: “It’s the ideal opportunity to put your mental health back on track and get out in the countryside for a walk and have a conversation. I’ve found the programme to be really useful.”

With one in six adults experiencing some form of depression during lockdowns, compared to the one in ten before COVID-19, according to the Office of National Statistics, our free support has never been more vital.

Sheffield Wednesday launch Adult Mental well-being programme to offer support after lockdowns

SWFC set up the programme in response to the growing mental health crisis and wish to thank the NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group for their funding.

Ben Winters, our SWFCCP Operations Manager, said: “Thank you to NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group for supporting our adult mental health programme. It’s vitally important for the club and the community programme to engage our fans and all members of society to improve people’s mental well-being through initiatives like this. The health team are focused on building people’s social networks, promoting physical activity and providing exceptional health advice to sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

The club is currently developing a referral pathway with various mental health organisations to help support the local community, however individuals can also self-refer.

For more information or to get involved with our Adult Mental Well-Being Programme, please email Rob Ward at [email protected].