Schools are closed, the weather is rubbish – It’s most definitely October Half Term within Sheffield! However, this wasn’t going to stop the Sheffield Wednesday Kicks and Inclusion team from running positive activities across Sheffield, giving the young people somewhere safe to attend and play.


On Monday 26 October 2020, the Kicks team started delivering activities in the Lower Manor area, on Saxonlea Avenue from 11am. The weather was awful, but the young people were out in full force, knowing Sheffield Wednesday were there. Around 25 young people came down for the day, taking part in multi-sport and football activities, as well as receiving small food snack packs for the day. Paul Hebda The Kicks Coordinator said: “When I woke up and saw the weather, I was worried no young people would turn up, however, by 11am, we had around 20 young people taking part in activities in rain, all with smiles on their faces and having a laugh – it was great to see!” “We put together small food parcels, which the young people loved.” “The Manor gets a bit of a bad reputation, but the young people are great; they just need some positive activities to take part in – they are just bored young people!”

The SWFCCP Kicks team run a free weekly sports session from the multi-courts at Saxonlea Avenue every Friday 6-7pm.

The day after – Tuesday 27 October 2020. It was another wet one, and today the team were in the Winn Gardens area where they had teamed up with Morrisons and the Winn Gardens community group to deliver a holiday hunger sports camp. Just like the day before, it was a fantastic turnout, around 20 or so young people taking part in sports activities and treasure hunt activities throughout the day. The young people also received food bags and prizes, all donated free of charge by Morrisons Hillsborough and their community team. Ben Winter, the Inclusion Manager said: “It was great to see young people accessing our provision and enjoying the activities, even with the rain coming down; it showed the positive relationships the coaches have in the area. We are also incredibly thankful to Morrisons Hillsborough for supporting us to provide food bags and prizes, which went down very positively.”

Below: Some of the participants posing for a picture at lunch time.

The SWFCCP Kicks team run a weekly session in the Winn Gardens area every Monday 5-6pm from the MUGA. FREE!

On Wednesday 28 October 2020, it was a new on for the Sheffield Wednesday Kicks team. Instead of running activities in an area the staff were familiar with, and the young people were familiar with the Sheffield Wednesday coaches, the team ran some activities in the Batemoor and Jordanthorpe area for the first time. With the support from the Sheffield City Council, Meadowhead Academy Trust and the Sparrows Nest Community Café, the Kicks team ran a full day of action packed, wet and muddy multi-sport activities, engaging with almost 30 young people throughout the day. David Mitchell, SWFCCP college graduate and volunteer said: “The session was great fun and it was nice to see new faces. The parents and the participants were friendly and polite when welcoming us into there community. Everyone of the children had a smile on their face – I would love to do it again!”

The Young people took part in a range of multi-sport activities such as Rounders, Football and Kick Tennis – Rugby edition!

“The Batemoor and Jordanthorpe areas often get forgotten about due to being so far out and on the outskirts of the city – and there are very limited (if any) activities for the young people to take part in – It was great to deliver activities in the area and meet some of the young people and residents that live in the area – It is definitely something our team will look at running regular sessions in, in the near future.” – Paul Hebda.


Thursday 29 October, the team were planning on delivering some activities for the Lansdowne community, within the Sharrow area, but due to the weather, the court was too dangerous for use – Paul Hebda, the Kicks Coordinator went along to see if any of the young people were out and about, and just had a bit of a chat with the young people. “We run a weekly session in the area, so I know majority of the young people – and although the space we have available is very run down and overgrown from the outsides of the court, the young people still come down each week which is extremely positive to see.” “The team were planning on running an activity day on Thursday 29 October, but due to the weather, this wasn’t able to go ahead, but I managed to catch up with some of the young people in the area and have a chat with them.” – Paul Hebda.

The SWFCCP Kicks team run a free weekly football session from the multi-courts next to the Lansdowne Meeting Rooms every Monday 4pm-6pm.


On Friday 30 October 2020, the SWFCCP Kicks team linked up with Sanctuary Housing, Forge Sport and Sheffield City Council Youth Team to carry out some Outreach in the Shiregreen area, to speak with young people about the dark nights, and the safety involved with this – especially in the lead up to Bonfire night.

“It was great to catch up with what the Youth Services have been delivering over this difficult period, and to network between groups and organisations also. We met some groups of young people out and about and spoke to them about potential upcoming activities and events, which they all seemed really excited about!” – Paul Hebda.

Below from left to right: Simon (Youth Service), Chris (Forge Sport), Paul (SWFCCP) – Outreach in the Shiregreen area

Whilst the Outreach was taking place, the SWFCCP Kicks team were as busy as ever, delivering youth Kicks activities in the Shiregreen and Lower Manor areas, engaging with over 50 young people across the two sites – working with MASKK to provide sufficient lighting and food for the young people!

Below: Sean Graves (SWFCCP Inclusion Coach), with a group of the young people attending the Lower Manor Kicks session.

The SWFCCP Kicks team also run a weekly Football Kicks session every Friday 5 – 6:30pm from the Concord Sports Centre 3G pitch – free of charge!