On Monday night, SWFCCP’s PAC (Peer Action Collective) project featured on both BBC Look North and BBC Radio Sheffield, where it was highlighted for its important work on issues facing the youth.

The project (funded by Youth Endowment Fund, #iwill Fund and Co-op) aims to give 10-25-year-olds a voice and the chance to make their communities safer, fairer places.

SWFCCP’s six peer researcher’s first major campaign was spreading awareness around sexual abuse and sexual violence, but then they moved on to tackling knife crime, an ever-looming threat in the city of steel.

Emma Glasbey (BBC Journalist) said: “SWFCCP has recruited these lads to hold sessions talking about youth violence and is crucially asking young people for their ideas. ”

By delivering these projects and workshops, the PAC Project is hoping to inspire other young people, to create projects and initiatives of their own, improving the local community by making it a safer place.

Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme wants to thank the BBC for highlighting the great work being done by our Peer Researchers.

Kevin (Peer Researcher) said: “It’s nice to not only be recognised for the work we’re doing but to deliver it and see the impact of it, is amazing”

Jacob Walkland (PAC Coordinator) said: “Thanks to the BBC for having us and helping us highlight the great work our peer researchers are doing. I think it’s very powerful to have these voices and messages come from young people themselves and not always from the adults in charge.

It’s great to see the peer researchers talking so passionately and confidently about their work, outlining the importance of young people trying to tackle youth violence”

CLICK HERE to view the BBC Look North broadcast

CLICK HERE to listen to the BBC Radio Sheffield broadcast

For more information on our PAC project email: [email protected]