Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme’s Ramadan tournament labelled a huge success, as plans begin for a month-long Ramadan League in 2023.

The pilot event which aimed to bring local communities together to celebrate Ramadan, was held on April 22nd at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield, by SWFCCP and the Sheffield City Trust.

Over 40 people attended the free event, which had 5-a-side futsal tournament available, alongside a prayer room and refreshments area.

During Ramadan the Muslim communities fast from sunrise to sunset, in what is a very holy month for all followers. However, due to fasting some Muslims do not engage in sporting events.

To encourage engagement in sport, SWFCCP initiated the trial football tournament at night to get Muslims active and playing football, as well as giving them a chance to celebrate Ramadan with other members of the community.

Abdul Malik, Director of DESA (Darnall Education & Sports Academy), said: “From the local Darnall Muslim community, we would like to sincerely thank SWFCCP and Sheffield City Trust for their efforts in putting together a closely fought competition.

“To celebrate differences and bringing together communities in such a fashion will make Sheffield an example of great cohesion.

“By extension this is what the world needs; collaboration, tolerance and appreciation of one another. Long may it continue!”

Due to the success of the evening, plans are already being made to create a month-long Ramadan League next year, to celebrate the Muslim communities in Sheffield.

Further plans to expand the Ramadan League and collaborate with other local football clubs are also in discussion.

SWFCCP would like to thank Darnall Education and Sports Academy, Sheffield City Trust, Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA and Tinsley, for their support in this year’s event and look forward to next year’s competition already.

For more information or to get involved with our Ramadan League, please email: [email protected]

Written by Oliver Barefoot