Hillsborough Golf Club provided the location for the Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme Charity Golf Day on Wednesday 19th July.

The annual event sees local businesses from around Sheffield signing up teams of four to spend a day playing golf and competing to win various Sheffield Wednesday FC prizes. And of course, to raise money.

Amongst the local Sheffield business attendees, several ex-football players came to the event to show support of their love of golf, football and raising money for the charity arm. Former Sheffield Wednesday FC players who drafted a team included Chris Waddle, John Newsome and Imre Varadi.

Defender Lawrie Madden was also there to congratulate the top three winning teams and present their trophies. With further appearances from ex-Newcastle and Manchester City fullback John Beresford playing on a team.

The groups of four were greeted to the club on arrival with a bacon sandwich at 9 o’clock in the morning. Followed by a charity raffle allowing people to win Sheffield Wednesday tickets, golf equipment, champagne and other desirable prizes.

The tournament continued through the day, with rain showers light enough to keep the players on top form. As participants moved through the course, beverages and snacks were offered to keep the teams energy and spirits high.

Their focus was particularly needed in the 9th hole, where a successful hole-in-one would win a very decent cash prize of £10,000. Unfortunately, none of the attendees at this event where able to take the pressure and pot the winning hole. Maybe next year.

After a day of birdies, bogies and fores being heard from across Hillsborough, a hefty buffet was presented to the golfers. Followed by the announcements of the winning teams:

First Place: Pyramid Carpets
Second Place: Bubble and Soak
Third Place: Andrew Platts plus team

Congratulations to the winning teams!

With high expectations set for next year’s Golf tournament, Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme look forward to another successful competition.