On Wednesday, (23rd March) we hosted a football tournament at our Chaucer Premier League Kicks session, supported by students from Sheffield Hallam University.

Young people from many of our other PL Kicks sessions attended the evening where we hosted a six-a-side football competition and other various football challenges such as: ‘You Know The Drill’ and the Crossbar Challenge.

The event was primarily run by volunteers from Sheffield Hallam University with SWFCCP’s coach’s support.

On the night we engaged with: 40 young people, both males and females from different communities in the S5 area.

We also had a workshop delivered by South Yorkshire Police and a Q&A opportunity for the young people to ask questions helping to develop a line of trustful communication with the police.

Drew, (Lead Sheffield Hallam Volunteer) said:

“I feel the event yesterday [Chaucer Kicks Football Competition, 23/03/22] was a success for the young people to enjoy being a part of the tournament and also having the opportunity to talk to the police. All the young people got involved, played a good standard of football and all worked well in their teams”.

Paul Hebda, (Inclusion Officer at SWFCCP) said:

 “It is always great to see the young people we are working with coming to the sessions and enjoying the activities we provide. The young people in particular really enjoy it when we put on competitions and fixtures against other groups of young people, and it was evident to see at yesterday’s football competiton during our Chaucer PL Kicks session.” “These types of events help bring young people together, and meet other young people from different areas and backgrounds that they might not normally associate with, as well as developing skills such as respect and resilience.” “Running more structured competitions, where we can invite authorities like the police along can also help break down negative barriers, relationships and views young people may have an association with the police in a structured and controlled environment, where they are doing something they enjoy.” “A massive thank you to Drew and the volunteers from the Sheffield Hallam University for organising and putting on such a successful event for the young people, even providing refreshments, prizes and medals for the young people.”

SWFCCP showcases and provides volunteering opportunities to young people/students, to gain and develop skills and experience further to support future career and job opportunities.

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