You may have tuned into BBC Radio Sheffield last Thursday at 6:35pm, if so, you would of heard Sports presenter Rob Staton discussing the Premier League Primary Star programme at Sheffield Wednesday.

Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme has joined forces with the Premier League to deliver quality training to primary school teachers, with the aim to get as many kids as possible active, learning and developing important life skills.

Evan Watson, project leader, and Nigel Hartley, sports coordinator and Year 6 teacher at Wharncliffe Slide Primary, spoke to the BBC about how they, “saw an opportunity to go in (to schools) and show some of our expertise and give (teachers) ideas for games to improve their confidence and competence”.

The Community Programme found that part-time or PGCE teaching courses, often lack the same level of training in PE than they do in other subjects such as Maths and English. Primary Stars promotes that PE is not a lessor subject, not just to teachers but also to giving the message to kids.

Watson highlights the other key benefits of their teaching within schools, “One of the main things the premier league are trying to promote is we don’t just teach the skills, we’re trying to bring along moral characteristics within our PE lessons”.

With the use of four main lessons:

  • To inspire
  • Be ambitious
  • Play fairly
  • Connect with other team mates

“Those are skills for life, not just sport. It’s about creating participation in physical activity”.

“Trying to get them to be physically active throughout their life, not just while they are at primary school”.

Hartley goes on to say how the scheme helps the development of children with special needs.

“What they have gotten from sports is amazing, the confidence they come back to school with is unbelievable really. I can’t praise sports enough”.

They don’t just focus on football though. Wharncliffe Side primary children have engaged in fencing, judo and archery. Differentiating each lesson to cater for the needs and desires of every pupil.

“Primary Stars is all about being inclusive, every lesson has got to cater for each individual needs whether it’s a girl or a boy or someone with special educational needs”.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

To find out more about Sheffield Wednesday Premier League Primary Stars go to the Community Programme website.