SWFCCP took part in the Premier League Kicks Cup on Wednesday 29th June 2022. Sheffield Wednesday took seven young people from the Chaucer Kicks session in the Parson Cross area. Parson Cross is an area of need and high levels of youth crimes. Chaucer School has 65% pupil premium meaning that 65% of all pupils are from disadvantaged families with low income. Sheffield Wednesday provides a lot of provision in Chaucer School from running a Premier League Kicks session on a Wednesday, to in-school youth endowment funded pupil interventions in school.

When the Premier League offered this opportunity to us, we immediately thought of the young people we work with at Chaucer School and offered them this opportunity. The young people were really excited for tournament and couldn’t wait. On the day the young people were brilliant to have, they were well behaved, always smiling and ultimately played some great football at the tournament. Representing Sheffield Wednesday is always a dream for some young people in Sheffield, and our young people can be proud as they Won 4 games out of 6 matches.

Dylan, 16, commented “Today has been a great day, I’ve been taken out of school to represent and be a captain for Sheffield Wednesday, it is something a Wednesday fan dreams about. I even scored today and was able to kiss the badge and it is something I will never, ever forget”.

Whilst the young people were treated to meeting youtubers and playing lots of fixtures throughout the day, they were also treated to by receiving a replica premier league ball, a Nike branded boot bag and a premier league water bottle each by the Premier League. Which again was a highlight for the young people on top of an already great day.

Jake Spriggs-Moore, Youth Integration Coordinator said that “Being able to see the young people I have worked with at Chaucer school over the past year, really enjoy this occasion is why community programmes exist”. “Being able to see the impacts we as organisations and coaches can have on our local communities is huge and something that inspires not only myself but the young people as well”. “I’m very proud of the young people, their application to our Kicks and Intervention sessions and this has gifted them opportunities to represent Sheffield Wednesday at a national competition”

For more information on our PL Kicks sessions, please email: [email protected]