With the recent announcement of the increased funding available for Traineeship programmes made by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme are looking for local businesses to work in partnership with. This new development aims to create more jobs for young people by providing funding to employers, who offer work placements for learners aged 16-24 on a Traineeship programme. Work placements are the core element of a Traineeship programme, offering learners on the job experience to enhance employability skills, assisting them to move ever closer to the end goal of securing employment.

Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme have an already successful Traineeship offer. The 13-week programme boasts a 100% vocational qualification pass rate, alongside a 38% successful move into employment, upon completion of the programme.

With the recent announcement of the increased funding, we are looking for local businesses to commit to offering work placements, for our Trainee learners.

If you are a local business, wishing to work alongside Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme, offering work placements, please get in touch below.

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