Due to the high demand of participants for the Evening sessions of Fit Club, which started back in August, a 10-week Morning programme will start on Thursday 12th October.

If you’re new to the Fit Club scheme, it is a weekly fitness programme which combines the teaching of fundamental healthy lifestyle topics, with physical training and activities.

It’s aimed at those who want to see a fitter, leaner and healthier version of themselves. As well as being a part of a friendly community.

A recent inspirational story from one of our Fit Club members is from 68-year-old Roger, who completed the Sheffield 10K in 55 incredible minutes! Read more.

Some of the praises from past members…

“I’ve changed my eating habits and got fitter”.

“When I started, I never thought I’d ever be doing what I am now. I really enjoy it, as well the companionship”.

“I’m very impressed with the health discussions about food. I can now look at the label on the back and know exactly what it all means”.

“I’ve lost more than a stone since January this year!”

Sessions will commence on 12th October and will continue on for 10-weeks every Thursday for £30 in total. More details on our website.

If you’d like to see a difference in your health and well being whilst meeting new people in the process, join the next Fit Club 10-week programme starting 12th October! Contact Callum at [email protected] for more information.