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The Owls’ Community Programme offer massive congratulations to Lorna Perry, who has recently started her full-time position as a coach at Hillsborough.

Lorna’s journey began by studying a BTEC Level 3 in Sport on the club’s education programme. Aside from the course, the Education team recommended various other opportunities to boost her prospects of sealing a permanent position in the football industry.

Lorna said: “The education programme encouraged me to complete the FA’s Level 2 Coaching Football qualification. This enhanced both my coaching and leadership skills which helped prepare me for my next challenge during the summer.”

Highlighted as a talent who could pursue a career in coaching, Lorna was also advised to look at America as a place to gain experience over the summer holidays. As a result, Lorna successfully organised a two-month placement with Challenger Sports in Wisconsin, where she coached on the summer camps as well as a local side named Woodridge Soccer Association.

She added: “During my stay, I was accommodated by eight different host families to which three I am still in contact with.

“Whilst coaching as part of a team was my responsibility at the start, towards the end I was chosen to run the Summer Camp as a director for one week. This required controlling 15 kids aged anywhere between 3 and 14, with no assistance. This differed to my other responsibility where I coached a minimum of 50 children.

“Overall, I worked alongside thirty different coaches and five regional directors in the Chicago region.

“Aside from the coaching, I drove my first automatic car on the opposite side of the road!”

After Lorna’s considerable amount of experience, Wednesday offered her a full-time position as a sports coach where she enjoys going into schools and working with children.

She added: “I think the programme offers a wide scope of opportunities once you’ve finished the course. It gave me the confidence to go to America, where I can definitely see myself going back to coach in the long term.”

Could this be you? Study with us on our 16-18 programme.

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