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Jessica’s Journey

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A congratulations is in order to former student Jessica Lambert, for starting her position as an Apprentice Education Administrator at the Education Hub.

Jessica began her educational path studying a Level 3 Extended Sport Diploma at Sheffield Wednesday’s Education Programme. As somebody who played at SWFC during childhood and a supporter of the club, Jessica thought that this course was a perfect pathway to lead to her dream job. But for Jessica, her journey was shaped slightly differently.

“During the second year of my studies, I generally lost my passion for most sports. I found the motivation to see the course through but knew that it wasn’t the path I initially wanted to go down. I enjoyed parts of the course and gained skills that certainly benefit my role now, such as the ability to work individually as well as part of a team”.

Whilst studying, Jessica undertook a part-time position as a local swimming instructor – a job that she continued after her education at SWFC. A few months beyond Jessica’s graduation a position as an Apprentice Admin Assistant appeared online. Jessica felt that this would be the perfect stepping stone.

“Pursuing a job at the Education Hub for me, was an easy decision. I knew that at the beginning, it may be strange working alongside tutors that used to teach me, but truly believed it was a friendly environment to be part of. As a former student, I can sympathise and relate to the difficulties students face with workload and other commitments, but I can now understand the tutor’s viewpoint too”.

Unlike other success stories in our Education sector, Jessica took an alternate route to what may have been expected but gathered some fundamental skills that highlighted her as an ideal candidate for her current job. The Education Team are constantly trying to find and offer additional courses that meets the demand of a wide range of students.”

“There are some great opportunities at SWFC to gain invaluable experience and enhance skills that can boost your chances of employment. I am particularly jealous of the new lifeguarding course because that would definitely have been a qualification, I would have been interested in applying myself to. My advice to any students currently on the course would be to take every opportunity that is thrown at you, because you really don’t know where it could lead.”

“Nevertheless, I am eternally appreciative towards SWFC’s Education Team for providing me with this opportunity.”

Could this be you? Study with us on our 16-18 programme.

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