Calling all NCS Graduates!

The NCS Team at Sheffield Wednesday Community are holding a Faye to launch their Volunteering Reward Scheme for NCS Graduates.

The SWFCCP NCS Team are committed to ensuring past participants continue their good work in the community, and progress in their own personal portfolio.

To encourage this, a Reward Scheme is being launched…

  • 5 hours volunteering receives McDonalds Vouchers
  • 10 hours receives free Jump Inc pass and Laser Quest discount
  • 16 hours receives free passes for SIV Gym, Swimming and Ice Skating

The event starts at 12pm until 4pm at the Education Centre (next to the ticket office).

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet business and volunteering providers to help start.

Plus FREE Dunkin Donuts while stock lasts!

To discover NCS 2018 course click here.

More information on the Reward Scheme below…