Designed specifically for 16-17 years olds, your NCS experience with Sheffield Wednesday will give you a clearer idea of what your future holds for you. We aim to engage, ignite and empower the young people of Sheffield to go out and achieve their dreams regardless of their background.

The NCS team work constantly and tirelessly to ensure they deliver the most impactful experience to as many young people as possible.

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Ann-Marie MorganAnn-Marie Morgan

Ann-Marie Morgan

NCS Manager

0114 324 0754 | 07793242619

What Food do you crave most often? Steak and Spring Greens.
What always brings a smile to your face? Seeing people achieve what they believed impossible.
Favourite Dinosaur? Velociraptor

Jess KempJess Kemp

Jess Kemp

NCS Engagement Coordinator

0114 324 0737

Which fictional character do you wish you could meet? Dobby.
I’m inspired by…? Seeing that lightbulb moment in a young person’s mind, when they know they can do it and are achieving something great!!
What’s your favourite season? Winter (snow, log fires and hot chocolate cannot be beaten !!

Jess KempJess Kemp

Steve King

NCS Recruitment Coordinator

0114 324 0737

Favourite Ice Cream Topping? Crushed chocolate hobnobs.
Guilty Pleasure…? The goal movie trilogy
If you could be any Superhero for the day who? My mum as she has always been one of the people I look up to because of her work ethic and being able to bring up 3 children.