Sheffield Wednesday FC’s Fit Owls project is helping tackle the UK’s growing obesity issue, with one member losing 31.5kg since joining the programme.

“It’s changed my life immensely, I’m a hell of a lot fitter, I’m going out and I’m more confident in myself and everything,” Derek Wright, 63, told BBC Radio Sheffield’s Football Heaven programme.

The free 12-week programme, funded by the EFL, offers the same quality of dietary and exercise information available to our players and we tailor it to meet our community’s health needs.

Rob Ward, our SWFCCP Health Officer, said: “The 12-week sessions give our participants advice and support about nutrition and they are shown an exercise plan that can help them for the rest of their life.”

With UK obesity rates topping the rest of Europe and Covid-19 adding extra pressure to the NHS, our free supportive community based ‘Fit Owls’ programme has never been more crucial.

Derek Wright admitted that despite being unsure what to expect at first, the experience and results have been well worth it.

“On the first day you get weighed, you do your blood pressure and all the normal tests. And then when you get started into it, it’s not only just the exercise side of it, it’s the nutrition and eating, not dieting but healthy eating.”

Rob Ward commented: “Derek is a great example of success with our programme, making realistic changes to your lifestyle to help work towards your goals.”

For more information or to get involved with our Fit Owls programme, please email Rob Ward at [email protected].