Wednesday’s ‘Give it Up’ campaign for the Children’s Hospital in Sheffield has captured the imagination of the football world.

And nowhere more so than across the pond in America – where one Wednesdayite in particular has made an amazing gesture.

The Owls’ first team squad will be donating 90 minutes salary on Good Friday towards establishing a ‘Sheffield Wednesday Bedroom’ at the Children’s Hospital.

The Championship clash with Cardiff has been dedicated to the initiative and supporters have also been invited to get involved via the club’s JustGiving page, which received a huge boost when USA Owl and orthopaedic surgeon Peter Jebson pledged a massive $500.


The running total donated by supporters currently stands at an impressive £2,139.41, every penny of which will go directly to the Wednesday Bedroom at the Children’s Hospital.

So thank you to Peter, and to everyone who has donated so far. CLICK HERE to keep the cash coming for one of the most wonderful organisations in the country!