During October half term, students from our Education department volunteered on soccer camps. The students supported SWFCCP staff in delivering fun and engaging football activities to a range of age groups.

Helen Shepherd, Participation Officer said: “It was great to have our volunteers involved in the soccer camps, doing this off their own back and taking forward steps in developing themselves. All of them were a credit to SWFCCP Education programme, bringing professionalism and enthusiasm to the camps.”

Joe (pictured above) didn’t come through our Education Department but has been an attendee on the soccer camps for ten years. Now, Joe volunteers as a coach at Sheffield Wednesday.

He said: “Now that my roles have reversed, I am there as a volunteer to help the children succeed and progress in their football. I had some of my best times at the camps, so I understand how enjoyable they are.

“The role has certainly helped grow my confidence and maturity. I feel that given my prolonged experience on the camp, the children listen to me and want to get the most out of the sessions.

“It is my responsibility to make the camps as fun as they were when I attended.”

SWFCCP Participation Department offer placements and volunteering opportunities to its Education students who are looking to gain more experience in the subjects they are studying with Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme.