Two members of the Community Team at SWFC have recently completed BSc (Hons) Degrees in Football Coaching, Development and Administration. Read more about their journey, below, and find out more on how you can follow a similar path to earning a universally recognised qualification, in partnership with the Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme.

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Brad Fox

Huge congratulations goes out to Bradley Fox, our current Disability Officer, who has completed his BSc (Hons) Football Coaching, Development and Administration degree at the University of South Wales.

Bradley’s road to success began in September 2014, where he undertook Sheffield Wednesday’s BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport. Alongside his studies, Bradley in his first year started to volunteer with the Disability Programme. His commitment to the programme granted Bradley the National EFL Student of the Year award.

Whilst Bradley was in his second year, the Community Programme entered him onto the F.A. Level 1 course which further enhanced his coaching and leadership skills. Shortly after completing his BTEC, the role as a Disability Football Officer became vacant at the Community Programme. In October 2016, Bradley was successfully appointed as the new Disability Officer where he managed the programme on a 10-hour contract per week.

During September 2016, Bradley’s BSc (Hons) in Football Coaching, Development and Administration in partnership with the University of South Wales commenced. He was still balancing his role as Disability Officer whilst at university.

“My degree has been substantially supported by my role as the Disability Football Officer. It has certainly benefited my role, given me fresh ideas for upcoming events, and provided a new way of learning. I have been thoroughly engaged in both roles as each of them offer something different, but at the same time work hand-in-hand with one another.”

Once again, well done to Bradley for his compelling journey. Do you have what it takes to follow a similar path? Click the link to find out more about our Education courses:

What is NCS

James Peech

One of our Community Sports Coaches – James Peech began his journey and working career through our Education Programme. We can now congratulate James on his completion of the BSc (Hons) achieving a First-class honours on his Football Coaching, Development and Administration at the University of South Wales.

So where did James start?

“I found out about the Community Programme when the Education Team visited my secondary school for a Careers Open Day. Their Level 3 BTEC Course offered an opportunity to study Sport, represent Sheffield Wednesday at futsal, and gain experience in sports coaching.”

James, in September 2014, started studying our BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport, to which he finished in June 2016. During his first year of studies, the Education department put him in contact with the Community Programme who were happy to provide James with practical experience in coaching.

“I first volunteered on sessions at my old secondary school in Ecclesfield, assisting with the table tennis, basketball and football after school clubs. I was shown how to engage with participants and deliver sessions that were suitable to a community setting. The Education department provided access to free coaching courses. These helped me gain an understanding of how to deliver multi-sports sessions, with workshops on how to manage difficult behaviour and engaging girls in sport.”

James’ extensive voluntary work meant that he was able to move into paid work. He completed the F.A Level 1 and Sports Leader Level 2 courses which enabled him to work as a part time Sports Coach for the Community Programme. Once completing his BTEC Course, James progressed to our Higher Education Course within the Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme, run in partnership with University of South Wales, in Football Coaching Development and Administration. James worked closely with the Education sector throughout his first year, voluntarily providing support to students once a week.

“Volunteering helped to gain knowledge on how to best handle classroom situations with challenged students. It proved worthwhile as in my second year of university I gained employment from the Education Department, to continue my support work with students who attend the college programme at Sheffield Wednesday.”

A final congratulations to James for his wonderful achievement. To see the courses that rocketed James’ career, click here: