Walking Football

Walking Football

Our Walking Football Programme offers men & women a chance to continue playing the game they love as well as encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. The game is small sided, with no running on or off the ball, very little contact and kick-ins instead of throw-ins. With less stress on the body and no real sudden change of direction or cutting movements the game allows participants to play without apprehension.

Walking Football has become increasingly popular and is designed to help people keep an active lifestyle, as well as to support getting people back into football who have stopped due to age or injury.


Open to all
(Every Tuesday)

1:30pm – 2:30pm
Concord Sports Centre, Shiregreen Lane
S5 6AE

Women Only
(Every Thursday)
Wisewood Sports centre, 75 Laird Rd, SheffieldS6 4BS
S6 4BS

Open to all
(Every Friday)

1:30pm – 2:30pm
Hillsborough Arena, Middlewood Rd
S6 4HA

Walking Football

Older people in particular have seen many benefits; lower heart rate and blood pressure, less fat, more muscle and better mobility.

As well as offering health benefits Walking Football offers social benefits – the opportunity for participants to meet new people, prevent isolation and create interaction for individuals and small groups.

For more information please contact the Health team on [email protected] or complete our enquiry form below.

Walking Football

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