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Fit Club Education Programme
What is NCS

Fit Club Education Programme

Fit Club is a community based intervention offering sustainable healthy lifestyle advice and tips to help you lose that weight for good! It’s all about giving you a bit of extra help, support and guidance as we know you will already have a good understanding of what to eat – and what to avoid.

Using Sheffield Wednesday as a setting for a weight management and health improvement the programmes use men’s and women’s loyalty to their football team to encourage them to get active. Participants are ‘trained’ by club community coaches for 10 or 12 weeks at their team’s home stadium. They receive a programme, grounded in current science, of how to eat more healthily and become more active.

The project aims to encourage fans to lead a healthy lifestyle through education and fitness development over the programme – taking place at the Dooleys restaurant.

Throughout the course different topic titles will be the focus of each session in order to educate you and help understand the fundamentals of these topics. In turn this understanding will benefit you, when it comes to the physical/exercise part of the programme.

What is NCS

The next Fit Club sessions: 

Monday 8th April 2019 – 5:50pm (6pm start) in SWFC Reception

10 week programme

FREE Course

The length of the programme each week will be from 1 hour to an hour and a half depending on the topic. A typical session will be 1 hour focusing on the education aspect then another 30 minutes working on the physical part of the programme.

Throughout the 10 weeks there will be different topic titles which will help you achieve your goal.

We will take some basic measurements when you start the programme. Nothing to worry about at all. This is so you can see how you are progressing. We try to do as much of the exercise part round the pitch, not on it, as we can. The dark nights in the winter months mean that we also go on the concourse until it gets lighter.

You will need some clothing that you feel comfortable exercising in and a pair of training shoes.

At the end of the 10 weeks you will be given the opportunity to join the Fit Club. We will give you further information about the Fit Club during the 10 weeks course.

If you need any further information please email me at [email protected] or you can call 0114 221 2150

Please feel free to bring any friends/family that you think this could be of benefit too.

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