On the first day of the Winter season, the 1867 suite at Hillsborough Stadium was filled with Walking in a Wednesday Wonderland attendees…

Guests arrived from 7pm, collected their drinks from the bar and gathered around their tables for a festive three course meal.

The main event being the ‘Question and Answer’ part of the evening; Rodger Wylde was on the mic directing Wednesday fan’s questions to the players on the main table.

The panel consisted of Chris Turner, Mel Sterland, Terry Curran, Imre Varadi, Mick Pickering, Jon Newsome and Lawrie Madden.

The guests of honour discussed topics such as Wednesday’s current position in the league, including stories and flashbacks from their professional football days.

The night ended with the talented band, The Leptons, playing covers of your favourite rock and indie songs.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event!

Photos from the night…