On the 24th August, 236 GCSE graduates enrolled for a BTEC Qualification at Sheffield Wednesday Education Centre.

8 of these enthusiastic students were offered a place in the newly expanded Performing Arts and Dance BTEC Level 3 Diploma – the rest signing up for BTEC Level 1,2 and 3 Diploma in Football Development, in partnership with Sheffield College.

The dance course is ran with the well established INK Dance Company, specialising in commercial and hip-hop dance . Increased funding provided by Sheffield Wednesday FC has granted four new highly qualified and experienced dance tutors to be recruited, alongside new facilities installed such as ballet bars and performing wall mirrors.

With classes now in full swing, this week the new dancers have started being taught choreography, and will soon perform at a Home League Game during half-time.

Students will also be taught subjects such as performing arts business, historical context, the healthy performer and dance with in the community.

All 8 girls have brought talent, enthusiasm and character to the Sheffield Wednesday Education Centre. We look forward to their next demonstration as they continue to train and learn.

Click to find out more about INK Dance and the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts and Dance now available.