Between January and April 2020 SWFCCP has worked in partnership with EFLT and NHS to deliver 6 ‘Fit Owls’ weight loss programmes for male and females aged 35 – 65 years old, recruiting 107 participants. The FIT OWLS were successful in losing a monumental total weight loss across all groups of 27.4 stone, and people are still continuing to take the positive messages from the programme to continue their weight loss journey!

The programme shows individuals how to:

  • Improve their eating habits by reducing portion sizes and swapping fatty and sugary foods for fruit, vegetables and high fibre foods
  • Achieve at least 45 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most days of the week. They receive weekly exercise sessions at their club for 12 weeks, and follow a personal pedometer based walking programme that encourages them to fit physical activity into their daily lives
  • Use tried-and-tested behaviour change techniques to become more active and improve their diet. These include regular self-monitoring of their weight and pedometer step counts and setting SMART goals to make changes that can be sustained long term.

The 12 week programme gives fans unprecedented access to their Club and a look behind the scenes.

Fit Owls Tackle Their Weight And Drop The Pound

The EFL Fit Fans programme was delivered at Hillsborough Stadium by Sheffield Wednesday Community Team. ‘Fit Owls’ participants were offered free nutritional advice and physical activity support at the home of their football idols.

“I signed up for the 12-week Fit fans programme in January (as a New Year’s resolution) and I have never had a more rewarding experience. I now have more clarity in the lifestyle choices I have to make! I have learnt a lot and appreciate the knowledge we have shared, the basic misconceptions around food, my relationship with alcohol and the importance of (exercise) movement. I genuinely believe it has improved my physical and mental well-being and I would recommend this programme to anyone struggling to manage their weight. Thanks ‘Fit Fans’ “

“Very enjoyable the way it’s explained and executed, always came away from session feeling good about myself. I find it very informative and made enjoyable by the fit fans team resulting in a more positive mental attitude and physically feeling better.”

“Many thanks! I feel I so much better about myself and have benefited knowing what I learned from the Fit Fans programme. I thank you and all the Fit Fans team for your guidance and support”

SWFCCP continue to support the wider community through the COVID-19 pandemic, to support people to stay healthy and active online. If you require support, please contact Ben Winter on [email protected]