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Pathway to the USA

In partnership with PASS4Soccer have been securing soccer scholarships in US universities for players from the Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme. Pass4Soccer offer great value for money having developed their successful and professional service over the years as well as building long lasting relationships with hundreds of university coaches all across the USA. Their staff focus solely on soccer scholarships to ensure you receive the highest level of service.

For more information please contact the education team on education@swfc.co.uk or complete our enquiry form below.

Pathway USA

The latest from our Education programme…

Introducing Apprenticeships at Sheffield Wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday Education Centre has seen huge success with their Btec and Higher Education Degree courses in both Sport Development and Performing Arts and Dance qualifications. Seeing a number of Btec Students receiving International Scholarships, [...]

Wednesday Community Now Recruiting Head of Strategic Development

Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme are seeking to recruit someone as the Head of Strategic Development. Head of Strategic Development is responsible for the organisations Education Programme, and overall business running, to ensure suitable business development [...]

Wednesday Btec Student Goes International

Following Aidan Nagi’s ECFA journey, a 2nd year student at Sheffield Wednesday Education Centre studying a BTEC in Football Development with The Sheffield College. After qualifying back in the 2017 trials, Nagi has now been selected [...]

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