On Tuesday the 8th May, the seven Btec Performing Arts and Dance students began their Unit 3 Group Performance Showcase at the Sheffield Wednesday Education Centre.

After weeks of rehearsal, the two groups performed their pieces to their tutors and videoed for later examination.

Both group’s performances were inspired by “The Persistence of Memory” painting by Dali.

Group 1’s piece was called ‘Timings’ and was performed by Alice Wilson, Ava Costa, Jasmine Thornhill and Katie Ned.

”Our piece is highly influenced by our stimulus of “The Persistence of Memory” by Dali.

We have used our imagination to challenge and play around with the meaning of time.

Our piece showcases an unusual representation of time, which can be open to interpretation.”

Group 2’s performance was called ‘ The side effects of drugs’ and included Ellie Bullivant, Maysareem Omar and Niamh Dickinson.

”This piece is about the way in which drugs can affect certain individuals in a variety of ways.

One of the main side effects being hallucinations which allows the brain to become unaware of its actions and surroundings.

The stimulus ‘Persistence of Memory’ inspired us as we researched into the artist Dali and soon became aware that in order to create such unique pieces, he would also paint whilst under the influences of drugs and hallucinating.”

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