The Fit Club Programme at Sheffield Wednesday are starting their next 12-week cycle for new members on Wednesday 23rd August.

2016/17 session analytics show that 96% of all members achieved weight and BMI reduction. Additionally, 92% saw a reduction in blood pressure and 98% had a lower resting heart rate.

Ann, Roger, Derek and Diane have all seen changes in their health and stamina since they started Fit Club. Evident by Diane’s outstanding achievement of losing a stone since January of this year!

She states that, ”I’ve changed my eating habits and gotten fitter”.

Roger is training for the Run For All Sheffield 10K Marathon on the 24th September,”I’m very impressed with the health discussions about food. I can now look at the label on the back and know exactly what it all means”.

Derek (our oldest member) continues, ”When I started, I never thought I’d ever be doing what I am now. I really enjoy it, as well the companionship”.

Despite being the wise age of 84, Derek has completed the 12-week course, attends both Tuesday and Thursday exercise sessions, AND plays in the Walking Football games on Wednesdays! If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is…

The group have already been recommending Fit Club to friends and are happy to see that they are also benefiting from the programme already.

All four members have made outstanding progress to their health and well being and look forward to continue to move more and feel better.

If you’d like to improve your fitness and make friends at the same time, visit the Fit Club Page and start your journey on the 23rd August.

Any queries can be directed to Callum Pinhorn at [email protected]